Already in College? Why You Should Keep Applying for Scholarships

Never stop applying for college scholarships just because you are in college!Keep applying for college scholarships even when you're in college

I’ll never forget how I felt or exactly where I was when my oldest son called to tell me that he had won a $7000 college scholarship. He was just starting his senior year of college. I was on a golf course watching his younger brother compete at a cross-country meet. Incidentally, that same brother is now a senior in college himself and called me a few weeks ago to let me know that he had just won a $1000 scholarship. (If you’re wondering, for that call I was kayaking with my husband!)

Both seniors in college. Both still winning scholarships.

See where I’m going here?

Searching and applying for college scholarships absolutely should not stop once a student is admitted into and starts attending college. There are scholarship opportunities galore for college students. It’s a big mistake is NOT taking the time to apply for them or assuming that scholarships are just for high school students.

I will be the first to admit that it is trickier for parents to help students in the scholarship process once they are in college. They are usually out on their own and really busy with school and work. Most college students have very active social lives and the last thing on their minds is finding and applying for scholarships. As parents, we can do our part by finding the scholarships that we think our kids are eligible to apply for.  Sending the information to them can be a big help. We can also remind them of their growing student debt and/or the family’s struggle to help pay for their expenses.

Come back next week as I share how to find more scholarships for your college student. Don’t let them miss valuable scholarship opportunities just because they are in college!

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