College Scholarship Essays Should Actually Be ‘Clickbait’

college scholarship clickbait
by Monica Matthews, Scholarship Editor

Do you ever scan a headline and there is just something about it that makes you want to read the article it represents?

Newspaper reporters are savvy at creating titles for their articles that entice readers to want to know more and compel them to pick up and read or click into online. It may be a certain word or mysterious phrase that catches the reader’s eye, but whatever it is, if the article is frequently read, the catchy title has been a success.

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A great tip for creating compelling college scholarship essays is to give each one a captivating title. Which essay would you rather read?

A. NO title
B. Why I Deserve Scholarship Money
C. Is That My Alarm Clock or is My House on Fire?

Make sense? Students who take the time to come up with enticing titles for their scholarship essays are already one step ahead of the game. Scholarship judges have hundreds, and possibly thousands, of essays to read. Get them excited and curious about the essay by giving each one a crafty title. The essay is the heart of the scholarship application, so make it count by making it interesting!

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