Scholarship Mom Tip #191: Quick Easy Scholarships Don’t Always Pay Off

quick and easy

Out of the hundreds of posts on my scholarship blog, do you know what is the most searched for term and overwhelmingly popular post?


Surprised? Parents and their students are always on the lookout for easy scholarships to apply for that don’t take much time and effort.

Unfortunately, “quick easy scholarship” opportunities are usually drawings in which thousands of students apply and very few win. Are they worth it? Maybe. Spending a few minutes a day (keyword: MINUTES) entering promotional codes or filling out surveys might pay off, but should never be the only method of applying for college scholarships.

Writing quality essays and diligently applying for local scholarships should be at the top of every student’s list when trying to find financial aid for college. Next come the bigger well-known scholarships, taking time to learn how to apply SMART and stand out from the crowd. Finally, students should always tap into the websites of their current or future college, looking for scholarships specifically available to current and prospective students.

Everyone wants a QUICK EASY SCHOLARSHIP, but successful scholarship winners will share that they worked hard and applied for as many scholarships as they could, knowing that hard work and persistence pays off.

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