From Ordinary to Organized: Make the Most of Your Dorm Room

Updated May 6, 2020

After over a year of working away on applications, entrance essays, and campus tours, you’re finally leaving for college. Congratulations! Now that your thoughts have turned toward your dorm room, here are few ideas on how to get from ordinary to organized.

Six Tips for an Organized Dorm Room

1. Think Before You Pack

Before you start packing, really think about where you’re going and what you’ll actually need. Keep in mind that you’ll likely make several trips home during the school year, so you don’t need to pack things you won’t use for a few months, like those heavy winter sweaters and coats. Dorm closets are notoriously tiny, so you might also consider putting together a capsule wardrobe to switch out whenever you visit Mom and Dad. If you’re still bringing a fair amount of clothes, you might want to pick up a Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander, which can double the hanging space.

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2. Coordinate with your Roommate

Work with your roommate to avoid as much duplication as possible. Chances are you won’t need two Keurigs or two mini-fridges. A huge part of dorm life is learning to work together – this is a perfect opportunity to practice that.

3. Get Vertical

Vertical space is prime real estate many people forget they have. Need more space? Go up! Using floating shelves, wall hooks, and over-the-door organizers to maximize every inch of dorm space.

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4. Get down, get down!

Consider using bed risers so you can fit organizing solutions under your bed. This is a great area for shoe storage, towels and sheets, back-up toiletries, etc. You can even use taller ones to fit larger items like your mini-fridge and small drawer units underneath. Or really take it up a notch and loft your bed high enough to fit a little seating or study area underneath.

Also, consider what you can size down. Leave the bulky ironing board at home and bring along a mini clothing steamer.

5. Get your drawers in gear

The more organized your drawers, the more you can fit in them. Use drawer dividers wherever possible. Sort like items with like items. Inexpensive dividers can help organize anything from cosmetics to school supplies.

6. Be like a Girl Scout

Prepared, that is. Three things to make sure you have – 3M Command Hooks, a few power strips and some creativity. Armed with the tips above and these three things, you’re set up for dorm organization success!

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