Dreading Moving my Kid to College

I confess. I am dreading moving my kid to college.

Surely, I am not the only parent dreading doing this. I’m trying to be optimistic. Really, I am. The day we move our son into his college dorm is less than five days away. In fact, we’ll probably be done by this time on Wednesday (if we meet our goal to get an early start on move-in day).

moving my kid to college

He’s as ready for college as any kid could be. He’s held a job and managed his money. He acknowledges that college-level study will require more than getting good grades in high school ever did, and has already signed up for a peer mentoring study group. I’m proud of him on so many levels. I feel he’s ready and I’m okay with the upcoming empty nest thing. It’s time.

So, why am I dreading moving my kid to college?

It’s the drama that is yet to come. It’s the heat. The logistics. The parking. The sweating.  The 6th floor dorm room with no air conditioning. And, it’s lots of parents and kids merging together; all intersecting on emotional highs and lows.

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Turns out, I’m not alone. Amy Widner, also a writer and editor here at Smart College Visit, is moving her daughter to college, too. I asked Amy what she was dreading and she replied: “Heat, heavy items, and hyper-emotions.”

Exactly. It’s going to be a workout: emotionally and physically. In fact, I think I’m going to treat it that way. I may not know exactly how to deal with move-in drama, but I do know how to workout.  I’ll dress for comfort and ease of movement. I’ll drink lots of water to stay hydrated. I’ll rest when I need to and I’ll make myself remember to breathe. Deeply and often.

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My warm up will be packing the car with my husband. Better start breathing deeply now.

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