Scholarship Mom Tip #187: Profile of a Scholarship Winner

scholarship winner

After carefully reading and sorting through all the applications for the Savor Summer College Scholarship,  a scholarship winner has been chosen! There are 5 very specific reasons why the student’s application was singled out among all the others and I want to share them to help parents and students prepare the best scholarship applications that they possibly can:

  1. The application arrived neat and clean, all in an oversized envelope bearing the correct postage
  2. The essay was personal, detailed, error-free, and answered the prompt completely
  3. The student took the time to make sure the application was complete, 100% typed, and contained a scholarship resume that was one easy to read and professional looking page
  4. The letter of recommendation was one of the best that I’ve ever seen, with personal details and specific reasons why the student should win the scholarship money
  5. All submitted pages were neatly labeled with the student’s name, which helps when judges are comparing several applications side by side

There you have it! These reasons should be a checklist for every student to use as they get ready to submit scholarship applications, as little details make a huge difference. Have you won a scholarship? Share your success with us in the comments section below!

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