10 Tips for Summer Test Prep

Juniors and seniors in high school are looking toward the fall and standardized testing. For seniors, it’s the last chance to get their best score before the college applications are submitted. For juniors the fall test can be a good indicator of areas that need improvement and require more preparation. Taking advantage of your downtime to do some summer test prep. It’s just smart academic sense.

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Following are 10 summer test prep study tips to help your student prepare for standardized tests in the fall.

  1. Read-All standardized test experts will tell you that reading is one of the best and easiest ways to prepare for the SAT.
  2. Utilize self-paced study-Use the Official SAT Study Guide produced by the College Board and study at your own pace. Use the free online prep as well.
  3. Take a practice test-Practice tests help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Take a SAT course online– Online SAT courses offer students flexible accessibility to test prep solutions that cater to each individual. Check this one out: Higher Scores Test Prep.
  5. Hire a private tutorTest prep tutors can help your student evaluate their academic strengths and give them personalized academic tutoring which will help with the standardized tests.
  6. Sign up for the SAT question of the day-This is just another way to familiarize yourself with the test and practice one question each day.
  7. Boost your vocabulary-Use flash cards, sign up to receive an SAT word of the day in your email, post words on the refrigerator, and talk about them with the family at dinner.
  8. Write-Practice writing essays by journaling or blogging.
  9. Study with a friend-The buddy system helps your student stay accountable.
  10. Review math skills-The math part of the SAT requires knowledge of basic math concepts and formulas.

Test prep doesn’t need to be torturous. In small doses your student will retain what they learn and won’t be cramming the last few weeks before the test. Summer is the perfect time to spread the study out.

Updated July 31, 2019

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