Parent College Coach Tip #117: Your Child Will Always Need You


It’s the time of year when tempers flare, stress reigns, and emotions collide. Many parents may find themselves looking forward to the day when their argumentative, emotional child moves out and heads off to college. After all, that’s when they will become an independent adult, handling their own problems.  They won’t be asking for help any longer and will not be yelling at you for all those reminders to study for the tests, write the essays, fill out the applications, and apply for scholarships.

If you believe you can hang up your parenting hat, you’re living in a dream world.

Just because your child is headed to college, they will still need you. You will receive all types of calls and texts, cementing the fact that although they are gone, they will never be able to survive without you. And most parents, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check out this video that demonstrates the fact–you’re never too old or too independent to need your mother. Just click here to watch it. Be careful, you may burst out laughing!

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