Gift of College Shares Tips on Saving for College on #CampusChat

gift of college

Join us this week on Twitter for #CampusChat! We’ll discuss different ways to save and promote contributions to your college savings account and student loans with our guest, @GiftofCollege.  

Win a Gift of College Gift Card!

In addition to giving away great tips and advice during #CampusChat, the company is also giving away “Gift of College” Gift Cards as prizes. Gift cards are redeemable at for deposit into ANY existing or newly started 529 plan and student loan account. was born when founder Wayne Weber discovered just how complicated it can be to donate to a college savings account. Wayne designed an innovative social savings platform that makes it easy for friends and relatives to help save for a child’s college education.

529 Plan Giving

By transforming the way that parents, relatives and friends think about saving for college, has created an easy, fun, social way to contribute to a 529 plan or student loan account. Parents who are stressed about the need to save tens of thousands of dollars for their child’s college education can enlist friends and relatives to help with this critical task. also helps parents create a community, a place where they can share their child’s hopes and dreams about their college choices and career plans. Overburdened parents are no longer alone; they can share their progress in meeting their college savings goals and celebrate their successes.

When: Wednesday, 10AM PT, 1PM ET

Where: Twitter using #CampusChat hashtag

Who: @GiftofCollege, @collegevisit, @suzanneshaffer

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