Parent College Coach Tip #110: 20 Jobs Every Mom of a College-Bound Student Does


George W. Bush got some flack over comments he made during a Presidential debate regarding his presidency—“it’s hard work”. Mainly because he said it over and over again. If you’re the mom of a college-bound teen you know how he feels—“it’s hard work”. Moms deserve a medal and more than one special day a year. After dealing with conflict, emotions, stress and tough decisions during college prep it’s easy to be overwhelmed and exhausted.

Here are 20 jobs every mom of a college-bound student performs.

  1. Head Cheerleader and College Coach
  2. Organization Expert (for all the high school awards, past essays, report cards, and college material)
  3. Taxi Driver (to and from sporting events and college fairs)
  4. Life Coach (guiding to make the right college choice based on fit)
  5. Anger Management Coach (during the many heated discussions over college)
  6. Family Therapist (intervention at least once a week}
  7. Errand Runner (for all those college-related tasks)
  8. English Teacher (specializing proofreading and editing of essays)
  9. Finance Manager (planning for all college costs)
  10. Personal Assistant (staying on top of deadlines, application submissions, test prep booking)
  11. Personal Shopper (preparing for the inevitable move-out day)
  12. Travel Agent (making arrangements for all college visits)
  13. Event Coordinator (specializing in all senior celebrations)
  14. Sleep Scientist (making sure your teen gets enough sleep and providing late night study support as needed)
  15. Safety Patrol (watching for any risky behavior to address before college)
  16. PhD in Reverse Psychology (especially before and after the college decision)
  17. Separation Anxiety Counselor (preparing for college move-in day)
  18. Parent Mediator (running interference between all the well-meaning advice and what your teen really wants and needs)
  19. Scholarship Coach (this will require many hours of searching and constant motivation)
  20. Investment Counselor (completing the FAFSA, deciphering the award letter, deciphering student loans based on college ROI)

After reading these tasks, no wonder you’re exhausted! Enjoy your Mother’s Day this weekend, knowing you deserve a special day.

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