3 Tips to Get You Ready for National Decision Day

Disclosure: This sponsored post is brought to you as a result of a partnership with Smart College Visit and Sallie Mae. 

Jar with label and money on the table.May 2 is National Decision Day—the designated deadline for high school seniors to make deposits to their choice of college. This can really put the pressure on when it comes to choosing a school. But it doesn’t have to. With these three tips, and some free college planning tools, you can ease some of your stress and celebrate your choice of school and future plans.

  1. Let’s talk money. Money will likely be a huge factor in your college decision. With guidance from our college cost calculator and financial aid award letter video, you can evaluate how much each college will cost, compare the costs, and then factor that financial piece against your other criteria.
  1. Don’t forget about future costs! While you’re comparing schools’ costs, remember to multiply that figure by four (years). Consider how much you’ll need to borrow for all your years of college. And remember—free money is best! It’s not too late to search for scholarships through the free Scholarship Search by Sallie Mae®.
  1. Look beyond the dollar signs. Making a college decision is about more than just the numbers. The campus culture, location, size, and programs offered can all be “make or break” factors. Try to imagine yourself at each school and ask yourself what you want out of your college experience.

As you approach your college decision deadline, don’t hesitate to ask for help in making your decision. For free college planning tools that can help with unanswered questions and tying up loose ends, visit SallieMae.com/PlanForCollege.

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