Parent College Coach Tip #108: Go Green in College

go green

In honor or Earth Day, I want to share some “green” degree resources and lists of colleges that offer these degrees. The demand for graduates in these areas of study continues to grow and these careers offer amazing opportunities for your future or current college student to go green in college.

What is a “green” degree?

Essentially, a green degree is a scientific study of the environment as well as the eco-system and everything else that revolves in it. Green degrees cover a large spectrum of education disciplined such as; environmental science, environmental law, ecological restoration, marine conservation, wildlife ecology, sustainable food science, natural sciences, and many more. There are minor classes that can be taken in quick courses, and these include; sustainable agriculture renewable energy, bioprocess engineering, outdoor education and paper engineering.

Is your student interested in this career path? Do you need help understanding how a green degree might fit into business, education or even law? This detailed infographic will provide you with excellent information about green degrees and career paths:

Why Go Green?

Looking for colleges that offer these type of degrees? Here are some lists to begin your search:

Six Degrees of Sustainability: The Hottest Schools for Environmental Studies

Spotlight on Green Majors

Finding the Right Environmental Science School

10 of the Best College Environmental Programs in the U.S.

Green Careers are on the Rise

Not interested in pursuing a green degree? You can still do your part by going green in college. Attend environmental rallies, join Green clubs on campus, or be a role model by participating in recycling and conservation.

We can all do our part to protect our planet for generations to come; but your student can be a leader by pursuing a green degree or major.


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