Scholarship Mom Tip #165: College Visits Can Motivate

There are so many great actions that parents can take NOW to help their younger students win scholarship money LATER, when they are ready to apply. One of these actions is making college visits routine during family vacations. I’m not talking about marching your 3rd grader into the financial aid office and inquiring about money he or she may get awarded down the road. I mean scouting out the areas in which your family is already vacationing and driving through college campuses and towns just for fun.

Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University

What this does is create a feeling of excitement and understanding about college life that many students don’t get to experience until they are high school seniors and expected to pick a college. These feelings and memories that come from college visits can be drawn upon when students are ready to apply for college and motivate them to apply for scholarships to help pay for their dream schools.

Motivating students to apply for scholarships is a huge problem for parents, so use this scholarship prep tip on each family vacation until your student leaves for college.

Find more of my scholarship prep tips in this podcast  and start now to help your student win college scholarships.

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