Scholarship Mom Tip #163: Three Proofreading Tips for Scholarship Essays

Make these three easy proofreading tips for scholarship essays part of your routine.

Scholarship judges are quick to spot the grammar mistakes and typos of students, which often times result in applications getting tossed into the reject pile.

proofreadNo student who has worked hard on a scholarship application for hours wants that, so here are three simple tips for proofreading scholarship essays and applications that will dramatically cut down on grammar mistakes and typos.

Proofreading Tips for Scholarship Essays

1. Print & Review – No matter how the scholarship application is submitted, online or by mail, each part of it needs to be printed out and carefully read. Mistakes are easier for eyes to find on printed paper rather than a computer screen.

2. Use Big Font – Before printing, change the font to a large size. Reading the big font helps mistakes more easily stand out and get noticed faster. Remember to change the font back to the normal font before printing and submitting your final essay.

3. Let it Rest – Do not read over a scholarship app or essay once and consider it fine. Get up, walk away from your work station, and then come back and read it again. Even better, wait 24 hours and read it again. When you work on a document for a long period of time, the eyes will start to skip over well-read content. Let fresh eyes have a look after a nice break.

Don’t let a silly grammar mistake or typo keep you or your student from winning college scholarship money. Take the time to find the mistakes and submit stronger applications. THAT is the way scholarships are won!

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