Scholarship Mom Tip #162: Know What Scholarship Judges Want

Parents and their scholarship seeking students want to know what scholarship judges look for in their winning applicants.

What Scholarship Judges Really WantThis week on the #CampusChat Twitter chat, we had scholarship judges and higher education professionals join us and share their input into what makes a scholarship winner.

Here are what I believe are the top 10 tweets from the chat:

1. A scholarship essay gives you the opportunity to show your personality! @CokeScholars

2. Use @Grammarly as go-to resource for questions about grammar. @CollegeVisit

3. Share with the judges why YOU are the best candidate for THEIR scholarship. Know their mission! @AidScholarship

4. Letters of recommendation are important, so give your references plenty of time & clear directions to submit. @CollegeVisit

5. Teachers, school officials, employers – these are all great recommenders. Avoid family/friends as they can appear biased. @CokeScholars

6. Many do (Check social media accounts of applicants) as do admissions officers, internships, volunteer ops, and employers. Serious topic for students. @EdNavigation

7. We look for students who have a passion to make a difference, are committed to service, & leaders in their school and community @CokeScholars

8. Write what you think is a finished draft & let it “rest” for a day or two, then reread/edit. @zkellyq

9. Don’t waste your time if you don’t qualify for the scholarship (read requirements carefully)-it won’t get past the first review @SuzanneShaffer

10. Make sure your application is complete! You’re up against a lot of others. @StudentsDotOrg

For a complete transcript of this week’s #CampusChat, go here: Step into the minds of the scholarship judges and help your student submit the best scholarship application possible.

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