February 24 – Keeping Teens Safe Online – Next on #CampusChat

Next #CampusChat: Keeping Teens Safe Online.

Leaving no grownup behind, Diana Graber @becyberwise joins us at 1PM ET on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 for #CampusChat.


keeping teens safe online #campuschat#CamusChat is hosted by @collegevisit on Twitter. To participate, be sure to “#campuschat” to  your tweets.

Diana Graber is co-founder of CyberWise and founder, Cyber Civics. She is an adjunct faculty member of the Media Psychology M.A. program at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP). She taught “Media Psychology for the 21st Century” and is developer of a middle-school media literacy program called Cyber Civics™.

Her paper, New Media Literacies: A Developmental Approach, is published in the Journal of Media Literacy Education (JMLE) and she is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and many other publications.
[Read More about Diana on Cyberwise.org]

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