#CampusChat Transcript: Keeping Teens Safe Online


Wednesday’s #CampusChat on February 24, 2016 drew a following of parents, educators, consultants and college admission professionals. In just one hour 415 original and shared tweets flooded the Twitter-sphere with tips for keeping teens safe online.

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girl with cellphone headphonesLeading the conversation was our featured guest, Diana Graber, co-founder of CyberWise and founder, Cyber Civics.

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Throughout the Twitter chat, Graber stressed the importance of the role we play as parents in modeling positive behavior online.

She also emphasized setting boundaries and, most importantly, keeping communication open and on-going with our teens. Some of my favorite tweets were:


Before #CampusChat began, readers submitted questions that did not get addressed during the chat. Here are those questions and Graber’s answers:

1. What to say to a child who insists they can multitask? For example: having a conversation and playing a game on the phone.

Graber: Most young people believe they can multitask effectively, yet research show that only about 1% of the population can. What they are really doing is “task-switching” and when they do that their ability to do either task well greatly diminishes.That’s why there are so many car accidents as a result of texting.

2. Diana, How frequently should we be having “the social media conversation” to keep tabs and make sure nothing is amiss? Followup: How do we know if our teens are using Snapchat responsibly or not.

Graber: We like to say that the “tech talk” should come before the “sex talk!” It should happen early and often so that as your kids get older they feel comfortable bringing any social media or online concerns to you.

The nature of Snapchat is that it is hard for adults to know how it is being used. The best advice is for parents to be vigilant about having young people wait until 13 to use this (or any other) app, and be sure they have learned digital citizenship (like our own www.cybercivics.com) first. You might learn more in this article: What Parents Don’t Get About Snapchat.

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#CampusChat Recap: Keeping Teens Safe Online