Scholarship Mom Tip #159: Higher Test Scores Matter

I recently had Lauren Gaggioli of Higher Scores Test Prep as my guest on the #CampusChat Twitter chat hosted by Smart College Visit. We discussed and shared how helping students to get higher scores on the ACT and/or SAT can increase a student’s chances of winning college scholarships.

Higher test scores improve chances of winning scholarships

higher test scores improve chances of winning scholarships

Here are what I consider the three most important tweets from the chat in regards to scholarships:

1. Some scholarship advisors estimate over 60% of scholarship applications require test scores these days.

higher test scores target

2. Higher scores give students a competitive edge over other applicants for scholarships that are based heavily on scores.

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3. Test scores may serve as a tie breaker in a close competition. Either way, you should have a score you’re proud of!

We discussed in detail the importance of advance test prep and how being fully aware and familiar with the tests can take away anxiety, increase awareness of how each test is laid out, and give students the best possible chance at earning a higher score.

Many colleges offer automatic scholarships for students based on test scores, with ranges tied to a specific amount of money. Having a student re-take the SAT or ACT and improve their score by even one point can mean thousands of dollars in automatic scholarship money.

Increasing test scores is one more way to help students win scholarship money, so do your research and plan for test prep!

I highly recommend students use some sort of test prep program, whether it be a free local workshop or online mini-course, or a high quality comprehensive course offered by Lauren at Higher Scores Test Prep. .(

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