Scholarship Mom Tip #154: Avoid Chat-Speak

SMS. Texting. Chat-Speak — Whatever the name, don’t assume your scholarship judge will understand.

Avoid Chat-Speak in scholarship essaysToday’s student is one who spends a good portion of his or her day texting, tweeting, snap-chatting, and quickly posting on social media whatever it is that comes to mind. As a result, many clever abbreviations are used to get the point across using the least amount of time and letters possible (think: chat-speak fail).

Students need to be aware that using abbreviations on college scholarship applications and essays is not a good idea, even if it helps them squeeze in more details because of word or character limitations.

A scholarship judge may not know that AFAIK means As Far As I Know, IMO means In My Opinion and IRL means In Real Life.

If they do not understand what the student is trying to say, the frustration level increases and the chances of that student winning the scholarship award decreases. College scholarship judges are real people who WANT to find the right student and weeding out the wrong students first is the easiest way to narrow down what could easily be thousands of applications. So, avoid the chat-speak.

Students who submit clear, crisp, and easy to understand applications have taken the first step in the process of winning money for school, EOD. (End Of Discussion) 🙂

college essayRelated: Do Not TXT.

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