The Perks of Performing Arts Centers

Virginia Tech, Center for the Arts

The Moss Arts Center | Virginia Tech

University Performing Arts Centers – Not Just for Theater Majors

You may think that university arts centers are only for music and theater majors, but you’d be wrong. They are so much more and can be an important part of student college life.

Pictured above is Virginia Tech’s Moss Center for the Arts. Along with plays, orchestras and bands, the Center has also hosted a wrestling tournament, authors, comedians, TED talks, and art exhibitions. There is something for every student to enjoy and art centers are a great way to enhance your college visit experience.

About the Moss Performing Arts Center at Virginia Tech

The Moss Arts Center is home to the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech and the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology.

This 150,000-square-foot facility opened in 2013 and includes a 1,260-seat performance hall, visual arts galleries, amphitheater, four-story experimental Cube, and multiple studios.

A multimedia studio, production control room, newsroom, and associated classroom in support of the Department of Communication all are part of the center’s multidisciplinary approach to experiential learning.

A major perk for students is the cost. Most university centers offer a student discount, meaning you can see national touring acts cheaper than anywhere else in the country. At Virginia Tech, students, and anyone under 18, pay only $10 for a performance! College is the perfect time to become a more cultured person, and this a great way to do it without breaking the bank.

If you are still deciding on where to go to college and planning to visit colleges in the spring, why not include an orchestra performance, a touring Broadway show,  or whatever seems interesting to you while on your college visit?

Many colleges suggest you attend a sporting event during your stay. If there isn’t a big game, or you’re not interested in sports, it’s still important to get a feel for what student life will be like on that campus. As a freshman, I was able to see a jazz quartet, a student musical, and a travelling art exhibition all within a few months of moving to campus.

Before you visit a college, do some research ahead of time. Performing arts centers will have a calendar of events posted on their web page. Some big events can sell out quickly, or you may have to pick up tickets in person before you attend.

Also if there is something that really catches your eye you can plan your campus visit on that particular weekend. W

Whether you’re visiting colleges or already a student, I hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity and discover what a university performing arts center has to offer.


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