Parent College Coach Tip #92: Don’t Waste the Holiday Break

holiday break

Christmas is upon us and that means the holiday break is quickly approaching. Even though it may be just a few weeks, college-bound students should take advantage of their time and use it for some college prep activities. Seniors especially can’t afford to waste precious time.

Here are the “must-do” activities for the holiday break:

Search for scholarships

No matter what grade your student is in, spending time on scholarship searches should be their top priority during the holiday break. Set aside just a few hours every day to research and hunt for them.


Never stop reading. Get ahead of the recommended reading for the spring semester or read some books that you never seem to have time to read. Reading increases your vocabulary and improves your comprehension skills which helps you on standardized tests.

Prepare for the FAFSA

If your student is a senior, this is the perfect time to prepare for the FAFSA (which now becomes available in October for the upcoming fall semester) if you haven’t already completed it. Remember: the early bird gets the worm and those who complete the FAFSA early are more likely to snag some of those merit aid scholarships and grant dollars.

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Christmas break is a great time to take on a part-time job and add some dollars to your college fund. Retail hires extensively during the holidays and often will let you work as many hours as you are available.

Spend (productive) time on social media

The key word here is “productive”. While you’re on Twitter and Facebook, do some scholarship searches and make some college contacts. Research college Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and while you’re at it sign up on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is now focusing on adding student profiles and it’s a great place to network and meet professionals affiliated with the colleges you are interested in attending.

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