Scholarship Mom Tip #151: The Word of the Day Matters

What’s Scholarship Mom’s “Word of the Day?”

Formulate” – Formulate a plan to improve test scores and win scholarships by enhancing your test-prep vocabulary.

[two_third]ACT and SAT tests alone don’t usually win private college scholarships, but many organizations offering scholarship money do look at and recognize students who have higher scores.

word of the day calendarTest prep programs are a great way to help students increase scores and are always a great idea for all students who will be taking the ACT or SAT, but these are usually taken a year or less in advance of the tests.

One simple way to give students a better chance at earning higher test scores is to give them a “Word of the Day” calendar at the beginning of each year, starting as young as middle school, or even sooner. These calendars subtly help students increase their vocabulary knowledge without pushing, reminding, or studying.

Simply keep the calendar in a place where students spend time (computer area, bathroom, etc…) and flip over the pages each day so a fresh word appears before their eyes on a regular basis.

Word of the Day calendars make great holiday gifts, so add them to your shopping list and give your students one more way to help them win college scholarships![/two_third]

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