Deferred Admission: You Can Make The Decision Too

Accepted? Denied? Or, Deferred Admission?

For students applying to college via early action, rolling admissions, or on-site application review, notifications of college admission decisions will be received as early as November or December.  While applicants are hoping to be accepted, sometimes the status you receive is “deferred admission.”

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Deferred means that the application will be reviewed again, along with the rest of the applications received during the “regular” admissions schedule. It’s neither a rejection or an offer of admission, it simply means your application will receive a second review that is yet to come.

While this type of admission deferral is issued by the college or university, did you know you, the student, can also defer an offer of admission?

If you’re scratching your head, wondering why on earth, after all that work to get admitted, below are a few reasons why deferred admission may be necessary or a good choice for you.

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Some reasons you may decide to defer your offer of admission:

  • You really do need a gap year. Sure, you meet the criteria to be admitted to college, but you’re not quite ready to commit to college level study.
  • You’re deeply involved with service work that you’d like to continue for a year before attending college.
  • You need to work for a year to save money that will help offset the cost of college. (Note, that there are other options for affording college; be sure to meet with a financial aid representative at the college to make sure you know all of your options.)
  • You have dual citizenship in the US and another country. There may be legal requirements that you live in the your country of origin for a year when you turn 18.

Whatever the reason is, it is important to know that you have the option of asking for the opportunity to defer that offer for a year. Not every college will agree to this, but you won’t know until you ask (but don’t ask until you have been accepted).

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