Scholarship Mom Tip #146: The Scholarship App – Save Your Data & Sanity

frustrated when applying for scholarships

With so many scholarship organizations using online only applications now, students and parents need to be aware of mistakes that can be made when clicking the “submit” button on that scholarship app.

The biggest mistake is typing right into the application, instead of cutting and pasting from another writing program.

When a student uses another writing program, all info can be saved as they are writing and also stored in a digital folder for use in other scholarship applications.

When typing fresh ideas right into an online scholarship app, all info can easily be lost when websites and computers freeze or crash out of the blue. There is nothing more frustrating than typing a well-thought out scholarship essay only to have those thoughts erased because they were not saved.

Some online scholarship app programs will automatically save students data at certain intervals, but this is not guaranteed and should never be counted on.

Also, some applications allow students to start and stop filling out the form fields at their leisure, while others have a time-limit. Understanding the submission differences between online-only scholarship applications and those that are mailed-in is a very important part of the college scholarship process.

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In next week’s Scholarship Mom Tip, I will share additional ways in which students can submit the best online scholarship apps possible, so be sure to keep reading and checking in here at SmartCollegeVisit!


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