Parent College Coach Tip #85: Prepare for the College Interview


During the college visit, students should schedule an interview with an admissions officer. That interview can make the difference between an offer of admission or a rejection. Even though my daughter was not within the test scores, or GPA average of her first choice college, her interview convinced the college to offer her admission.

Not only can you use the interview to make a good impression, but it also demonstrates interest to the college.

Colleges keep track of students who demonstrate interest and when the applications arrive, they check them against this list.

If your student isn’t on the list, they will most likely be passed by for a student who took the time to demonstrate interest.

The key to approaching the college interview is preparation. If you walk into the interview unprepared, it automatically communicates lack of interest in the college. How do you prepare?

Here are two articles I wrote about the college interview that should help:

Can You Answer These 10 College Interview Questions?

Here is a list of 10 interview questions colleges might ask and suggestions on how to respond. They may not be exactly as worded, but they will fall into one of four categories: questions about your fit with the college, questions about your personality, questions about interests and goals, and broader questions requiring a more thoughtful response.

Read the 10 questions and possible answers

5 Questions You Should Ask on a College Interview

The very last question a college interviewer will ask you is, “Do you have any questions?” The questions you ask them can be just as important and can also help you make your final college decision. In the end, it’s not just them choosing to admit you, it’s you choosing to accept their offer of admission.

Read the 5 questions you should ask and how to prepare for them


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