Parent College Coach Tip #84: Avoid College Burnout

college burnout

Sometimes we forget that our college-bound teens are teenagers. High school should be so much more than college prep. Granted, you have to devote a certain amount of time to the college process.

But constantly pushing, prodding, and adding college-related tasks to your teenager’s life will only produce college burnout.

How do you know your teen is burnt out on college prep?

You will notice a lack of motivation

If your student begins to push all college prep tasks aside and shows little interest or lack of motivation, burnout might be setting in. Take a break and let him regroup. A few days or even a week off will give him a much needed break and allow him to recharge.

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It takes more and more prodding to get him to complete college tasks

If you find yourself constantly nagging (more than usual) about college tasks, this could be another sign of the onset of burnout. Teenagers need prodding but if she constantly balks at any suggestion related to college, ease up and give her space. If college is truly her goal, she’ll get on it herself.

Indecisiveness sets in

If your student begins to be indecisive about college, can’t choose a college, or simply says he’s changed his mind about college, burnout could be the culprit. Have a conversation (no judging) and determine the real reason behind his indecisiveness.

High school in itself is overwhelming. Students have social obligations, extracurricular activities that they participate in and add to that college tasks. If you feel overwhelmed as an adult, imagine how hard it is for your teenager. When you see the signs of college burnout your teen may be crying for help and support. Take a breath, schedule some down time, and have some fun.


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