Halloween College Traditions

Updated: 10/25/2018

It’s that time of year again! Scary movies on TV, pumpkin flavored everything, and Halloween college traditions! There are always festivities surrounding October at college, but here are some unique ways students celebrate Halloween!

If you happen to visiting any of the colleges listed below or other colleges on Halloween weekend, be sure to ask about campus Halloween Traditions.

MIT Pumpkin Drop

Leave it to MIT to play with physics! Poor pumpkins at MIT are frozen and then dropped from huge heights. Students measure speed, drop radius and various other parameters. Who needs smashing pumpkins in the street anyway?

Georgetown University

Georgetown, in Washington D.C., is right next door to a famous spooky movie landmark: the stairs from The Exorcist. The movie is traditionally screened on campus on Halloween. After it ends, students venture out into the local ancient cemetery for some howling at the moon.

Ohio State Block Party

The largest college Halloween tradition may be Ohio State’s annual block party in Athens. Ohio, dating back to 1974. The event averages about 20,000 attendees dressed in costumes partying in the streets of downtown, complete with live music and food vendors. Many people from out of town come just to be a part of the large crowds taking over the small town.

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Pennsylvania State Pumpkin Festival

Penn State’s Pumpkin Festival is a family friendly event! Open to students and the community, this event is all about carving pumpkins and other fall related crafts and activities. There’s a contest for the best jack-o’-lantern, drawing in about 1,000 different pumpkins. They also take a scientific approach by offering a Halloween-themed science event to grade school kids. Campers move through Harry Potter themed labs!

Brown University Organ Concert

Brown celebrates Halloween with music! Every Halloween night at midnight, students camp out in one of Brown’s historic halls to listen to the traditional organ concert. Creepy sounding songs are played on one of the largest organs in the country, getting everyone in the spooky spirit.

With these and many more traditions, you can be sure that colleges across the country will be ready to celebrate Halloween in their own unique ways. Have fun and happy Halloween!

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