Parent College Coach Tip #79: Take Advantage of Free Pre-College Costs

free pre-college costs

Every parent knows about tuition, room, board, books, and other college-related expenses once your student is accepted. But what about the costs prior to being accepted to college? How can your score some fee waivers, free advice, and free tutoring. Let’s face it—every little bit helps when you are saving for a college education and cutting costs can put more in the college savings piggy bank! Take advantage of these free pre-college costs.

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Fee Waivers

With all the standardized tests, AP exams, and college application fees, those fees can add up. Not everyone qualifies for fee waivers, but it’s worth asking.

On top of those fee waivers, there are colleges that don’t require application fees:

America’s 25 Top Colleges With No Application Fees

348 Colleges with Free College Application Fees

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Free Advice

If you have a computer or a smartphone, your resources are limitless. You can search on Facebook, browse Pinterest, and ask any question you might have on Twitter. You can also attend Twitter Chats to get free advice from the experts. You would be surprised how many are willing to offer their expert advice for free.

Free Tutoring

Most every student needs tutoring help at some point during high school. Complicated subjects like calculus, physics, chemistry and others can stump even the brightest students. Before you opt to pay for a tutor, check out the high school’s tutoring department, talk to a teacher or ask for students who are tutoring as part of their volunteer service.

Free Standardized Test Prep

If you can’t afford to pay a professional test prep service, there are other options available. Most high schools offer test prep classes before the test dates. You can also take advantage of the free SAT test prep online.

Full practice test from the College Board

SAT prep from Kahn Academy

Free ACT and SAT test prep from Number 2


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