Mind Over College Prep Matters 

Many parents and students are freaked out by the college process and with good reason. College prep can be overwhelming by adding extra activities to an already busy schedule and costs to a current bursting budget. Then there are the concerns about the future transition of the parent-child relationship to a parent-adult child relationship and parent-student separation anxiety when children leave the nest. The issues are real but families can better deal with them with one simple solution.

Mind Over College Prep Matters


Stop, drop and breathe. Clear the mind of worrisome thoughts, drop everything, and take a few moments to regain life’s good and peaceful feelings.

Some people do this with exercise, others with meditation or visualization of their “happy place.” Find what works and use it before college prep stress takes over.

It’s easier to prioritize and make tough decisions when calm, gives a sense of appreciation and accomplishment over what’s been decided to realistically complete, and leads to a more joy-filled life.

Mind over college prep matters is a life skill parents and students can continue to use in college and beyond. Use it to think about adding some fun to each day to maintain balance. Have a great day!


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