Parent College Coach Tip #77: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

ask questions

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is ask for help. For some, it is the ultimate confession of failure and helplessness. But parents of college-bound teens can’t afford to be too proud to ask for help. All throughout the process you’re going to be faced with questions.

  • Questions about financial aid.
  • Questions about scholarships.
  • Questions about choosing a college.
  • Questions about the college essay.
  • Questions about the college visit.
  • Questions about test prep.
  • Questions, questions, questions

You can turn to books for help. Or you can turn to experts in the field. With them you get personalized help and encouragement.

Where do you find these experts? Start on Twitter. The very tool that television shows, news programs, and the media use to reach out to people with hashtags, you can use for college prep advice.

With chats like #CampusChat, #CollegeCash, #CollegeChat and others, parents can ask questions and have all their questions answered. Last night’s Back-to-School Panel was a perfect example of the benefits of these type of chats.

Use Google calendar to keep track of the chats and set reminders so you don’t forget. Isn’t it worth a few hours of your time to be able to ask questions and get some of the best college prep advice?

Here’s a short list of chats and their times:

  • #CampusChat—Wednesday 9PM ET
  • #CollegeCash—Thursday 8PM ET
  • #CollegeChat—Tuesday 9PM ET
  • #ChatCollege—once a month on Mondays 9PM ET (check schedule here
  • #KidsCollegeChat—follow @GiftofCollege for future chat dates and times
  • #InsightChat–Sundays 9PM ET
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