CORT Helps with College Students’ Furniture while Parents Relax

Each time I welcomed one of my three lovely children into this world, my brain (in addition to other body parts) did a little re-arranging. The effects were almost instantaneous: hours of pain and despair were replaced with the euphoria of holding my newborn. I suddenly couldn’t be bothered to recall my cousin Margaret’s birthday or if we were low on ketchup.

Our brains consolidate embarrassing high school memories and weekend plans to make room for all the events to come—first haircuts, birthdays, grade school graduations, and school dances. If you’re like me, we do our best to hold onto these quaint memories during teenage fits and difficult life experiences. Most recently: preparing my youngest for college.

Unlike her older brothers, Jillian did not want to live in a furnished dorm on campus. She already had a large network of friends living in the surrounding area and was offered a spot in a spacious (unfurnished) apartment. The problem was Jillian didn’t own so much as a bookshelf.

Her father and I helped her scour Craigslist and thrifty stores, but we were all wary of mildew-ridden chairs, poorly assembled tables, and the occasional “vintage” pricing. Her brothers offered up a beer-soaked loveseat and ratty bar stools. I worried about the moving cost for all these finds. My husband and I had already pledged a meal plan, new laptop, and a little thing called tuition. Everyone was stressed.

Days before move-in, I was standing over a questionable kitchen purchase for Jillian when I bumped into an old coworker. Her oldest daughter was pursuing her master’s degree a few hundred miles away. It was this brilliant woman who told me about CORT.

I could finally stop worrying that this experience would jeopardize my memories of my best friend’s wedding. We had a solution.

New furniture was not in the cards for Jillian. That ambitious endeavor would have cost thousands of dollars and steep delivery fees. CORT rents, delivers, and arranges items in an apartment that are showroom quality—clean and stylish AND affordable.

Cort Sofa college students furniture

Packages include everything your maturing child needs: sofas and side tables, desks and mattresses, lamps and mirrors. You can also rent other essentials, like pillow tops, coffee makers, and bathroom fixings.

CORT knows families are swamped with strip mall visits and purchasing a year’s worth of instant mac n’ cheese. College move-in days are a cyclone of chaos, no matter how many times you’ve attempted the feat. CORT respects your time by committing to a date and guaranteeing its products’ arrival.

Later, when Jillian is done with college, or at least ready to move into a new apartment, CORT swoops in and picks up all the furniture. No hassle.

It’s also worth mentioning student customers receive a $50 Visa gift card* each time they refer a friend. (The referral also gets rewarded!)

CORT was the ideal solution to kick-off Jillian’s college career. We saved money, our legs and lower back, and all the time we would have spent on errands and frustrated outbursts was put toward a long and lovely “Don’t Forget To Study And Call Us 12 Times A Day” dinner.

Cort sofa college students furnitureJillian loves her apartment, and I’m thrilled for all the memories she’ll soon be making. But mostly I’m thankful that a chaotic start to the school year wasn’t seared into anyone’s mind.

To learn more, you can visit

*Offer good through 9/30/2015


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