Scholarship Mom Tip #135: Scholarship Resume Length Matters

As I recently finished judging my own scholarship competition, I came to several conclusions that I will pass on here in hopes of helping the Smart College Visit readers in their own quest to win scholarship money.

scholarship resume length mattersOne very promising applicant (nice essay, excellent G.P.A., super letter of recommendation, etc…) included a scholarship resume that was seven pages long. Yes, SEVEN pages. A scholarship or activity resume is a great way to share with scholarship judges a student’s honors and achievements, but should only be ONE page long.

When judges have hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of applications to wade through, several extra pages is just more reading and work for them and not helpful in the long run. Students who have lots of information about themselves to share need to narrow down their achievements into a nice, easy to read, concise one page document.

Too much information can backfire and is overkill, so students need to take the time to craft a resume that is appreciated by the judges and not one that will get their application tossed into the non-winners pile. More information on creating a scholarship resume can be found here: Do I Need a Scholarship Resume?


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