Scholarship Mom Tip #134: Scholarships for Youth DO EXIST

surprised boy scholarships for youth do existMost parents are surprised when they are told that there are lots of college scholarships for students not yet in high school and plenty for even younger students.

Scholarships for Youth Do Exist! You  have to know where to look.

Part of this surprise comes from the fact that most scholarship databases don’t list scholarships for students under the age of 13 because of federal privacy laws. To find scholarship opportunities for younger students, a little more research needs to be done and parents can play a big role in locating them. lists many under 13 scholarships here and a Google search will also reveal many other sources.

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Helping younger students find and apply for scholarship opportunities is a great way to find awards with less competition and also to set the gears in motion within the family when it comes to the process. Starting early will help students realize how important it is to do their part, give them lots of practice in writing essays, and take the fear of the unknown away well before the majority of their peers typically begin to think about scholarships in their senior year of high school.

The end result is more scholarships applied for and a greater chance of winning money for college, exactly what all parents and students are striving for!



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