Parent College Coach Tip #73: School Year Transitions are Important

school year transitions

A new school year is approaching and your student will be transitioning, whether it be to middle school, from middle school to high school, or to each grade in high school.

These school year transitions are important because with each your student will be setting the stage for the final transition, from high school to college.

Each year presents its challenges and its critical elements to help prepare your student for the next phase in their education:

  • In middle school, parents should start thinking about college prep. Course selection is key, along with financial planning.
  • Freshman year of high school is when you hit the ground running. This year is the most important academic year—the GPA begins. It’s difficult to recover from a poor freshman year academically, so stress the importance of study skills before school starts.
  • The following years in high school should be filled with college preparation—test prep, scholarship searches, reading, essay writing, and other college tasks.
  • Transitioning to college is certainly the biggest transition of them all. Having talks with your soon-to-be college student is critically important. These conversations prepare them for life on their own and for the responsibilities of independence.

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