Parent College Coach Tip #69: Talk With Your Upcoming High School Freshman

freshmanFreshman year is when college prep begins. Everything your student does from this point on will reflect on his college application: his activities, his community service, and most importantly his grades. Now is the time to have a conversation about the qualities and habits that will contribute to an overall positive high school experience.

There is one important key factor to remember: do not mention college. That will only add stress to an already stressful milestone in his life. Use the time for basic discussions about behaviors and attitudes.

Although you will not be discussing college specifically, all these topics play a key role in college preparation. If you have stressed these habits and goals since he entered school, it’s time to remind him of their importance. If you have not, you should use this time to lay the groundwork for his high school career.

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Following are the topics you should discuss:

  • The value of an education
  • Your role as his parent
  • Some basic expectations
  • A high school course plan
  • The value of a good reputation
  • Good citizenship
  • The importance of a strong work ethic

Each of these topics lay the foundation for a strong high school resume and transcript. They will also be important as he enters senior year and goes on to college. We all know that habits we form in high school often follow us throughout our lives: both good and bad. It is these habits that will lead him to be successful in life and should be reinforced before he enters high school.

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