College Dorm Move-in Just Got Easier with DormCo

Remember touring campus and the routine walk-through the model dorm room? Or maybe you got to see a real student’s dorm room? You probably left campus thinking “Wow, I’m going to live here soon and I’m going to need all the right stuff.”

We get that. And, to make it easier for you to find all the odd-sized, space-saving  (not to mention really cool) stuff you’ll need for your dorm room, we’ve partnered with DormCo to help you find exactly what you need for your college dorm move-in.

DormCo college dorm suppliesCool Fact: DormCo is the brainchild of Jeff Gawronski who launched his first college dorm invention: the “Bed Post Shelf” while living in his dorm at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio! Today, DormCo has since become a shop-for-college superstore.

To help get you started, we asked the folks at DormCo about their best sellers among college students. They sent over this “must-have” list for college dorm rooms.

College Dorm Rooms Must-Haves

Look for DormCo ads and product features on the Smart College Visit website and in our newsletter. For some really cool college dorm decorating ideas, check out our Pinterest Boards.

For more tips on moving into college, getting along with roommates and adjusting to college life, explore our section on Heading to College.

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