5 Tips on Using Pinterest to Plan Your Campus Visit

pinterest_watercolorWhen you think of Pinterest, you probably think about using it for recipes, fashion, jokes, or just browsing for an hour (or maybe three!), but thanks to Pinterest’s new map tool, it can be a useful, fun way to plan your campus visit! Parents and students can use it together to collaborate on what to see and do while visiting each college campus.

Here’s an easy step-by-step on how to use Pinterest to plan your campus visit. this feature and some ideas of what to pin. The best part is you can use this tool for a multi-stop trip, for a week-long trip, or a quick trip to a nearby school. I used it to plan my visits to schools along the western side of Virginia.

How to use Pinterest for your College Trip

1. Make your Pinterest Board.

You can either make one for all of your trips or, if you’re really organized, make separate boards for each college trip. Under “Options,” make sure you click the map option to “On. Click “Create Board” to save.

create a pinterest board


Pin your college road trip

2. Pin your first pin.

Start centrally with the school as your first pin, so you can use it as a reference for activities and restaurants in the area on your map. Usually a quick search for the school will bring up a picture of the campus first. Pin it as you would normally to the board you just made.

map locations to your Pinterest board

3. Add a Place.

Go to your board and click on “Add a Place.” Search for wherever your destination is located. Sometimes if you pin something that has already been used on a map, it will already have a location so you don’t even have to do it! Your pin should now appear on your map, so you can start searching for more things involving your campus visit, such as things to do, places to eat, and campus buildings.

pick a place and add it to your pinterest board

Torg bridge, Virginia Tech

4. Save time – add all the locations at one time.

A helpful tip is to pin a few things while you are searching, and then go to the map and add all the locations at once. This makes it a lot easier than going back and forth between the two pages.

Pin Blacksburg Restaurants places

5. Get around campus using your Smartphone.

A great feature is, that once you have mapped your board, you can look over the map and click on the red place-keeper to fine out which pin is in that location! This is great for when you’ve just toured a campus and you’re lost on what to do next! Using your smartphone, you can see your current location and the location of the pins around you!


use pinterest on your smartphone to find campus visit locations

With the help of Pinterest, your college visit can be stress-free and fun! If you’re a parent, it’s also a good way to get your teen excited and involved in the trip planning process.


college prep on pinterestHow else can you Pinterest for college planning?

How are you using Pinterest for college? Tell us on Facebook or comment below!


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