The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas: An Assassin’s Lair

Ask anyone who lived in Dallas, Texas during the 60’s and they have a story to tell—where were you when Kennedy was shot? It is as much a part of the Dallas history as the cattle drives and the infamous Dallas television series. The Texas Book Depository in the heart of downtown Dallas is where Lee Harvey Oswald took his position on November 22, 1963 and shot President John F. Kennedy.

sixth floor museum

The Texas Book Depository-home of the Sixth Floor Museum

The building is now the Sixth Floor Museum and if you’re visiting any of the area colleges in Dallas, Texas, consider adding this to your itinerary.

The museum is steeped with history of the assassination. The museum contains one of the world’s most significant collections of original photographs, film and video footage, documents and artifacts related to the assassination. The collection is continually growing and is a collection of more than 45,000 items. You can also view a scale model of the depository, the surrounding buildings, and Dealey Plaza.

sixth floor museum

A scale model of the historic parade route

Also included in the museum are personal interviews recorded of memories of the life, death and legacy of President Kennedy, which provide insight into the history and culture of Dallas in the 1960’s. More than 1,200 interviews and public programs have been recorded.

sixth floor museum

The spot where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy

If you are a “conspiracy theory” buff, as I am, the museum offers the opportunity to examine where Lee Harvey Oswald stood, take at look at the surrounding buildings from the window where the shot rang out, view the grassy knoll along the parade path and revisit first hand the surroundings of the assassination. Was the shot possible? Did shots come from the grassy knoll? Were there other shooters?

Other exhibits in the museum include Voices from History: Jack Ruby, Parkland Hospital, Dallas Law Enforcement, Covering Chaos from the journalists point of view, and a photographer’s story of the events.

On your way out of the museum, visit the museum store and do a little shopping. Books, photographs, souvenirs and presidential memorabilia commemorate the life and death of President Kennedy.

Dealey Plaza

Dealey Plaza

After your visit, take a walk along the parade route in Dealey Plaza. You can see the spot where the President was shot and how the motorcade rushed below the underpass headed to the hospital. You can also visit the grassy knoll, a spot many conspiracy theorists believe the true assassins were perched.

For more photos and videos of The Sixth Floor Museum, visit this link:


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