Scholarship Mom Tip #128: Make it a Scholarship Summer

dog with sunglasses and hatHappy summer!

Is your summer a lazy summer or a scholarship summer?

When students are out of school for the summer, it is tempting for them to sleep in, enjoy time in the sun, and spend their days doing a whole lot of well, nothing.

While this may be fine for part of the summer, it’s the students who show drive and ambition who will be the ones with better chances of winning college scholarships.

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Working a part-time job, volunteering, and/or taking enrichment courses at a local college are all great ways to impress scholarship judges. The contacts made while doing these activities are also important, as great letters of recommendation can come from people who interact with and see students working hard to get ahead.

Students, enjoy your summer vacation, but make every day count by making yours a scholarship summer and keep your eye on the prize: College scholarship money!

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