Scholarship Mom Tip #127: Note the Scholarship Essay Word Count

3 pencils for scholarship essaysThe scholarship essay is the best way for the judges to get a true feel for students applying to win their award. Unfortunately, many students skip scholarships with lengthy essay requirements.

Note the Scholarship Essay Word Count Requirement

Just this week, I was talking to a mom of a high school junior who is helping her daughter find and apply for scholarships. (Great job, mom!) She mentioned one scholarship she had found that had an scholarship essay word count requirement of 1500 words.

She was worried that it was way too much writing for her busy daughter at this point and said they might skip the scholarship. I told her to take a closer look at the guidelines, because it might actually be 1500 characters and not 1500 words.

scholarship essay tip quote box - note the scholarship essay word count requirement


There are approximately 250-300 words in an essay consisting of 1500 characters. The mom double checked and guess what? It was a 1500 character essay!

Remember, reading the scholarship guidelines carefully and at least twice is crucial to making sure all rules are followed correctly and will bring a student’s applications one step closer to winning the scholarship.

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