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Diane Schwemm, from University Parent, was our guest on #CampusChat on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, and shared her tips on:

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Planning Ahead for Senior Year

Diane’s Q&A with us follows. For a complete transcript, click on: Transcript: Planning Ahead for Senior Year

Q1 When should students and parents of the college bound begin planning for senior year? #CampusChat

A1 Jr spring is a good time to meet with the guidance counselor. Make sure Sr year class schedule is exciting and rigorous. #CampusChat

A1 Summer is when students and families can focus on refining a college list & plan visits/interviews. #CampusChat

A1 Here’s a great strategy for the summer before Sr yr: http://tiny.cc/ogb9yx #CampusChat

Q2 What should rising seniors focus on this summer? #CampusChat

A2 Learn more about what kind of school they want to attend. Talk with parents about finances. #CampusChat

A2 Get started on the Common App essay. Research scholarships. Test prep if needed. #CampusChat

A2 Make sure summer is balanced and that they do things that make them happy! Don’t stress over college planning. #CampusChat

Q3 What are the important tasks seniors should focus on once school begins? #CampusChat

A3 Sign up ASAP for counselor meeting! Be ready to talk about college goals. #CampusChat

A3 Request letters of recommendation and work on filling in the Common App little by little. #CampusChat

A3 Finalize a “good fit” list of schools. Decide whether to apply Early Action or Early Decision. #CampusChat

Q4 What should juniors do to prepare for senior year in the fall? the spring? #CampusChat

A4 Have a strategy for handling all the standardized tests. Our tips: http://tiny.cc/xtc9yx #CampusChat

A4 Start visiting colleges so you can find out what kinds of places might be a good fit. #CampusChat

A4 Meet with your guidance counselor in the spring (parents can attend this meeting). #CampusChat

Q5 What tips would you give parents of rising seniors? #CampusChat

A5 Let students be in charge of the application process while helping them stay on track. #CampusChat

A5 Remind them to focus on their own personal goals so they don’t obsess about what other people are doing/saying. #CampusChat

A5 Don’t talk about college all the time. Sr yr should be fun, too. Keep perspective. #CampusChat

Q6 Can you give some tips for creating a good college list? #CampusChat

A6 Here’s a helpful article to get you started: http://tiny.cc/wra9yx

A6 Discuss differences between big U’s and small colleges. Visit campuses to get a feel. #CampusChat

A6 Make sure the schools have the majors/programs your student wants/needs & limit # of “reach” schools. #CampusChat

Q7 How should parents discuss finances with college-bound seniors? #CampusChat

A7 Be open from the start about how much you will contribute financially, and how much your student will pay. #CampusChat

A7 Compare cost of attending different schools with tools on college websites & thru ACT & SAT sites. #CampusChat

A7 Help them understand it’s a bad idea to go into debt w/ stu loans. There are good, affordable higher ed options. #CampusChat

Q8 When should students ask for letters of recommendation? #CampusChat

A8 Right at the beginning of Sr yr, even if not applying EA/ED. Some teachers limit how many recs they will write. #CampusChat

A8 Give teachers and others a minimum 2-3 weeks to write letters. Follow up may be needed – this is the student’s job. #CampusChat

A8 Same goes if your student needs letters for scholarship apps. Don’t forget to thank these people! #CampusChat

Q9 What are the dos and don’ts of parenting a college-bound senior? #CampusChat

A9 DO help them tune out the buzz/chatter/pressure from the world around them. Stay calm! #CampusChat

A9 DON’T fill out the Common App or write essays for them. DO help with deadlines, etc. #CampusChat

A9 DO read the essay if they ask. Tips for helping them edit: http://tiny.cc/rbb9yx #CampusChat

A9 DON’T ask their friends where they are applying. DO value/show interest in the lives they’re living now. #CampusChat

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