Parent College Coach Tip #68: Consult the Essay Experts

essay expertsIf you want to keep your sanity and avoid unnecessary conflict over the college essay, take my advice and consult the essay experts on Twitter.

Essay experts can provide all kinds of wonderful advice for your student (advice he will listen to because it’s not from you).

And if you’re so inclined, they can work with your student to craft the perfect college essay.

Why work with an expert?

The essay is an important part of the college application. It tells colleges who you are and draws them in to the rest of the application. A well-crafted essay will make a permanent impression on the admissions officer and when decision time arrives, it will have an impact on his decision.

What will be the benefits of working with a college essay expert?

1. Save time–you won’t have to constantly nag your student or keep reminding him to work on the essay.

2. You can save money in the long run–an offer of admission from the right college could mean thousands of dollars in merit aid. That’s a small price to pay when you look at the savings you will gain on college tuition.

3. Essay experts know how to motivate your teen–Nagging certainly doesn’t help. Most of the time an outside non-threatening party will be able to speak reason and make the process actually enjoyable.

Where do you start?

Here’s a list of five experts that excel helping students with the college essay. Number 1, The College Essay Guy, was a guest on #CampusChat this week. Look for the transcript over the weekend for all the tips he shared.

1. College Essay Guy @collegeessayguy

2. The Essay Expert @brendabernstein

3. Essay Hell @essayhell

4. Chris Polley @essaybrainstorm

5. All College Essays @allcollegeessay

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