Scholarship Mom Tip #126: Print the Scholarship Guidelines

With so many college scholarships having different due dates and guidelines, it is very easy for a student to inadvertently fail to include some of the required material when they submit the application packet for judging.

What many students don’t realize is that the first thing that many scholarship judges look for when doing the initial quick scan of the application is for 100% complete submissions.

scholarship guidelines checklist-by-handFor example, scholarship guidelines may specify students to include a filled-out application, letter of recommendation, essay, and school transcripts. Failure to include one or more of those materials will automatically get the whole application packet tossed into the disqualified pile, no matter how outstanding the essay or deserving of the scholarship money the student may be.

The best way to make sure this does not happen is to print out the scholarship guidelines when the application is being printed. Students can then check off all of the required materials before mailing, making sure nothing is forgotten or left out. This is a very basic and simple tip, but could be worth thousands of dollars in college scholarship money!

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