Scholarship Mom Tip #123: To Win College Scholarships, Never Give Up

Do you really want to win college scholarships? Apply for as many scholarships as you can and never give up.

I recently was in contact with a mom who was so sure that her student was going to win a certain big scholarship that she could practically taste the sweetness of the money in his bank account.

A few weeks later she sadly informed me that her student did not win that particular scholarship. She was crushed, to say the least, and couldn’t understand how her bright, high achieving son was not picked as the scholarship winner.

She was also angry and frustrated and wanted to throw up her hands and give up on the whole scholarship process.

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What parents need to remember is that students do not win every single scholarship for which they apply. Organizations offering scholarship money all look for different characteristics and strengths in their winners, and applicants never know exactly what is needed to be chosen to receive the award.

“… students do not win every single scholarship for which they apply.”

This is the reason that students need apply for as many scholarships as they possibly can, learn everything they can about how to apply smart, and keep applying for as long as they need money for school.

Giving up is not an option in the quest to win college scholarships!

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