Keeping Track of Volunteer Hours

Keeping track of volunteer hours now will make applying for college scholarships less time intensive.

Last week’s Scholarship Mom Tip was all about having a designated place in your home to keep track of a student’s important documents that may prove to be useful when applying for college scholarships (find that tip here).

Today let’s focus on keeping track of volunteer hours.

This may surprise you, but many scholarship applications have boxes to fill out needing the EXACT number of hours a student has volunteered for each year in high school.

Keeping track of volunteer hours is very difficult to do if each volunteer activity was not logged or documented in any way.

  1. Start now and keep track of all volunteering time with a simple list containing the date, time, and specific nature of each experience.
  2. Also important is the name and number of a contact person who can be counted on to verify that the student was there at that time and place.

Keep all of these details in one file that can be easily found by both students and parents. It’s the little things like this that make applying for college scholarships much easier and less time intensive when it comes time for applying.

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Updated July 5, 2019

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