Scholarship Mom Tip #121: Scholarship Prep: Get Organized

Scholarship prep tip: Get ready for scholarship application time by designating a place for honors, awards, report cards, etc. A little organization now will save you a lot of searching later.Parents, do you know where your student’s last report card is located in your home?

How about the volunteer award they received last semester? Honor roll certificate from freshman year? If you are panicking right now, don’t worry, you are not alone!

Many households don’t have a designated place for these types of documents, so start now and create one.

When students are trying to win college scholarship money, any resources they have that showcase their talents, honors, volunteering experience, and high grades will prove to be valuable. Scholarship applications frequently have places for students to share volunteering experiences, important activities, honors classes taken, and more. A little scholarship prep now will save a lot of searching later.

Start right now and place any documentation that comes home from school or in the mail that might be important when applying for scholarships in a designated place.

When the time comes to start applying for scholarships, there will be a folder or box to go through. This scholarship prep will save time and guessing about exactly what the student has accomplished. If you are not sure if it is important enough to save, save it anyway and get rid of it when you are sure it is not needed.


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