Scholarship Mom Tip #120: Scholarship Essay Tip – Have another reader guess the question

dog at laptop - scholarship dogThis scholarship essay tip can help you be certain you completely answered the scholarship essay question.

A common complaint from college scholarship judges is that students do not fully answer the essay question that is included as part of the application instructions.

The essay is the heart of the college scholarship application.

Students may start answering the question and then get distracted and just want to finish writing. As a result, part of the question gets left unanswered.

See if someone else reading your essay can guess the scholarship essay question.

A great way to help students determine if they have completely answered the question is to have someone read the essay without knowing the essay question. They read the essay and then tell the student what they think the question is. If they are not sure or totally get it wrong, the student knows some rewriting is in order.

The essay is the heart of the college scholarship application. Students who take the time to clearly and creatively fully answer the question are one step ahead of the other applicants and have a better chance of winning college scholarships.

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