SAT vs ACT: This Week on #CampusChat

Do you know the difference between the SAT and the ACT?

satIf you don’t and you have a college-bound teen, you should join us this week on #CampusChat. Our guest is Claire Griffith, Managing Director of Direct Hits Education.

fea91d79b50abe6ffaef5d954bc61059Claire publishes the popular Direct Hits vocabulary series. She has worked with thousands families over the last 10 yrs providing resources for students and families during the college process. She primarily focuses on test prep for the SAT, PSAT and ACT but works with families all through the application process. She is an advocate for learning high-level vocabulary not just for doing well these tests but for success in college.

Claire with be offering advice like this during Wednesday’s chat:

Taking a SAT and ACT practice test will be the best way to determine which one the student wants to focus their time on.

Join us Wednesday for this week’s chat version of #WednesdaysParent on #CampusChat!

#campuschat college planning twitter chatWhat: SAT vs ACT

Where: on Twitter using hashtag #CampusChat

When: Wednesday 9PM CST

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