Keep Community College in the Equation

community college

If you have a college-bound teen, it’s easy to focus on college—namely the 4-year college. Unless your student isn’t interested in staying close to home, community college probably hasn’t been added to the equation. Why should you even discuss the option? Money!

Cheaper credits before college

One way to save thousands of dollars is to take some summer courses at the community college. A community college course typically costs $400-700. A college course can run anywhere from $2000-5000 per credit. It makes sense to knock some of those mandatory freshman courses out of the way. Verify that the credits will transfer, however.

Cheaper credits during college

Take advantage of the summers and use that time to take a course at the community college. The goal is to—wait for it—save money! Taking courses during the summer will shorten your student’s stay at a 4-year college and save you big bucks on tuition, possibly enabling him to graduate early.

Cheaper credits before a 4-year college

Consider attending a community college before transferring to a 4-year university. Your student could save MONEY by living at home, commuting, working, and getting the basic courses out of the way. As always, verify the credits will transfer to the college your student plans to attend.

Updated February 19, 2020

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