#CampusChat 4-1: Don’t Be Fooled by the Financial Aid Award Letter

don't be fooledDid you know that colleges all across the country are pranking you today? They are sending out award letters to parents and students just like you, fooling you into thinking you have received an award.

Don’t be fooled by the financial aid award letter!

Tonight’s #CampusChat topic deals with the award letter and how to determine if a college is pranking you. Are they gapping you? Is it padded with parent/student loans? Did the college offer any aid at all? Are they representing their true cost of college?

Don’t miss tonight’s chat. It could save you thousands of dollars and keep you from making costly financial mistakes when making the final college choice.

#campuschat college planning twitter chatJoin us tonight!

What: Don’t be fooled by the financial aid award letter on #CampusChat

Where: on Twitter using hashtag #CampusChat

When: Wednesday 9PM ET

Follow: @collegevisit

See you tonight!

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